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Termite Inspections

Here is what our state-licensed inspections cover:

  • Interior, exterior, and foundational inspections, looking for evidence of wood-eating termites and pests

  • Areas that may be actively infested, OR could be conducive to infestation, such as dry rot, moisture damage and more

  • Pictures of all findings are provided, along with work orders for fixing any issues

  • If any contract work is required, we can also provide that at a low cost

  • We also offer bundled inspections including home inspections, roof inspections, pool inspections and more


In the event your property has termites, we will provide full perimeter treatments. These include:

  • Trenching 

  • Drilling 

  • Termidor (HE) application (the #1 termite treatment, control and prevention product in the industry)

  • Documentation of all work done, broken down by cost

With the right combination of treatment techniques, we can remove any and all wood-destroying pests, and prevent them from returning.


As we are a full-scale termite inspection and treatment company, we make sure to provide services that cover the full spectrum of treatment and prevention:

  • If any structural damage is noted in Section 1 or Section 2 of our Inspection, we can provide low-cost contract work to repair it.

  • After an infestation has been identified and eliminated, AND preventative measures have been implemented, we can address any repairs needed.

  • Our contractors are experienced with wood repair, structural repair, and home restoration.

Inspection to Service

Parasite Pest Control wants to partner with you from your initial inspection through your regular service. Here our step by step process: 

Step 1. Your initial inspection. Whether you are buying a new property or simply want us to inspect your current property. Parasite Pest Control is here to inspect your home. Parasite Pest Control can provide 2 different types of inspections. One is a termite inspection where we can provide you with findings and recommendations of any wood destroying conditions currently at your property. 


Parasite Pest Control can also provide a pest inspection. In this inspection, we are looking for current pest related issues already at your property such as spiders, ants, roaches, rodents and more.

Step 2. After your inspections have been completed, Parasite Pest Control will provide you with an inspection report detailing the current conditions of your property. In these reports, our state licensed inspectors will provide you with our findings and our recommendations on how to take corrective actions. Included in these reports will also be a cost associated with the corrective measures so you know exactly what it would cost to fix. 

Step 3. Taking corrective measures. Unless otherwise noted, Parasite Pest Control can perform any corrective measures that were listed on your inspection reports. These include dry rot repair, termite treatments, plumbing leaks, rodent exclusion, bird exclusion, treatment options for ants, roaches, spiders, ear wigs and more. We collaborate with our clients to create a comprehensive plan to ensure your peace of mind. 

Step 4. Once the reports are finished and the corrective actions have been taken, Parasite Pest Control will set our clients on a recurring schedule to ensure that their pest problems are under control and a thing of the past. 

There is no property too big or too small, we work with residential homes & commercial properties. Ensure your property is under the best care from start to finish. 

Pest Control

Customer Service

The most important part of the equation for us is our customer service. We are a family-run business, and at every step of the process, we will be the ones dealing with you directly. No middlemen, no call centers.

Our business is built on referrals, so our goal is to leave every customer 100% satisfied. Give us the chance to blow you away -- we know you'll be pleased with us!

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